Ramboll to be Falkland Islands’ designated master builder and engineer

The Falkland Islands Government (FIG) has chosen Danish contractor Ramboll to be its in-house adviser for all questions to do with construction and engineering projects.

The FIG hopes having a single and regular supply of construction experts will make it more efficient in delivering capital projects, which have suffered delays in the past.

Helped by local engineer Ajax, Ramboll is expected to work on the sixth phase of the Sapper Hill housing development, the upgrading of Port Stanley’s port, the expansion of Mount Pleasant Airport terminal, and on improvements to Stanley Airport.

When the FIG put out a request for a development partner, Ramboll was in a strong position with its tender.

A Ramboll team had arrived earlier in mid-May to study the extension of Stanley Airport, looking into lengthening the runway and upgrading passenger and cargo handling facilities. The company has also handled engineering design for the new Stanley power station.

Ramboll is expected to take up its duties as resident master builder and engineer later this month.

Roger Edwards, a member of the islands’ legislative assembly, said: "We recognise that in the past there have been widespread delays in bringing forward capital projects due to a lack of available resource and capacity. Delivering ambitious construction plans requires a stable base of experienced specialists who can be deployed swiftly as needed, and this is what the single supplier professional services framework will provide."

He added: "The money we are investing includes feasibility studies, outline concepts and detailed design work for the development of capital projects throughout the lifespan of The Islands Plan for 2018-22, as well as the on-the-ground construction and implementation.

"We are determined that we will make good headway on delivering the commitments we have outlined for the next four years."

Paul Stubbs, project director at Ramboll, commented: "We are delighted to have been selected for this consultancy framework to support FIG in replacing critical infrastructure and planning more strategically for the future growth of the Falkland Islands’ economy."

Image: Port Stanley (Creative Commons)

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  1. British taxpayers should not provide any monetary support unless a British contractor manages the project.

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