Ready for take-off: MAD’s bird-like Lishui airport

Images courtesy of MAD Architects
China’s MAD Architects has designed the Lishui Airport in Zhejiang Province, with a roof overhang giving it the appearance of a big silver bird ready to take off over the mountains.

Located 15km southwest of Lishui, the airport’s form reduces elevation changes and its visual impact on the landscape.

MAD describes it as a “spiritual landmark”.

The 12,100-sq-m building has a wood-toned interior with a shuttle-shaped skylight.

Departure areas will be on the ground floor, with waiting areas on the second.

The airport is estimated to accommodate a million passengers each year.

Ma Yansong, MAD Architects’ founder said, “Lishui is a garden city, and her airport should also be in a garden.

“As a municipal airport, Lishui Airport embodies the essence of transportation facilities as a public space, prioritising convenience, human scale, and city identity over sheer size and extravagance.”

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