Rotterdam set to experiment with roads made from recycled plastic bottles

Dutch construction company VolkerWessels is planning to create a road in Rotterdam made from recycled bottles.

The potential of the concept is huge. At present we are looking for partners to work with our pilot– Rolf Mars, director of KWS Infra

According to its designers, the estimated lifespan of the plastic is triple that of a normal asphalt road and can be built in weeks instead of months by using prefabricated sections delivered directly to site.

They say the plastic road "bricks" require little maintenance and is more resistant to erosion, corrosion, weathering and chemicals than a conventional tarmac surface; it is stable under temperatures ranging from -40°C to 80°C.

The road is made with inbuilt tunnels for services, and produces much less carbon in the manufacturing process.

The Plastic Road has been developed by KWS Infra, the biggest road builder in the Netherlands. Rolf Mars, the company’s director, said: "Plastic offers lots of advantages compared with current road structures, both in the construction and the maintenance of it.

"The potential of the concept is huge. At present we are looking for partners to work with our pilot."

The city of Rotterdam in South Holland is to trial the technology within the next three years.

Jaap Peters, an official Rotterdam council’s engineering bureau, said: "We are very positive about the developments surrounding the plastic road.

"Rotterdam is a city that is open to experiments and innovative practical applications. We also have a lab space available, where an innovation can be tested."

Images via VolkerWessels

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  1. I believe this has huge potential..if successful, this technology will be a boon especially for developing countries all over the world where good roads are urgently needed for further development while disposal of plastic (bottles) remains a huge challenge.

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