Russia’s pipeline to Germany challenged by environmentalists

A German environmental group has filed a lawsuit Germany’s highest constitutional court to try and block construction of Nord Stream 2, a pipeline through the Baltic Sea to deliver Russian gas to Germany.

The 1,200km undersea pipeline is designed to deliver more than 55 billion cubic metres of natural gas from Russia to Germany.

The group, Nabu, says construction work will harm underwater life in the Baltic Sea, reports Deutsche Welle.

The suit, which seeks a temporary restraining order, came after an earlier suit was denied by a lower-level court in the northern German city of Greifswald in early June.

Nabu believes the pipeline will harm sea life and is unnecessary for meeting German natural gas demand.

In May, environmental group ClientEarth submitted a similar legal complaint in Finland over its concerns that Nord Stream 2 could harm Baltic porpoises, seals and birds, but construction work began shortly after.

Image: The Nord Stream 2 route (Samuel Bailey/Creative Commons)

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