Saudi Arabia to build 50ha theme park based on Dragon Ball anime series

Dragon Ball’s rendering of the planned park
Saudi Arabia has announced plans to build a theme park based on the Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z.

It will cover more than 50ha and have at least five “state-of-the-art” rides, including one in a 70m-high dragon. 

The project is being built near Riyadh by the state-owned Qiddiya Investment Company in conjunction with Toei Animation, the Japanese producer of Dragon Ball.

According to the official Dragon Ball website, the park will include a ride inside a beast modelled after Shenron, a suitably roller-coaster-shaped saurian with the power of granting wishes.

A model of Shenron at the New York Comic Con festival (LostplanetKD73/CC BY-SA 4.0)

The park will be divided into seven areas that recreate locales from the television series, such as Kame House, the Capsule Corporation and Beerus’ Planet.

It is part of the energy-rich nation’s plans to diversify its economy away from fossil fuels.

While some Dragon Ball fans have welcomed the plans for the theme park, others on social media have questioned the decision to locate the attraction in Saudi Arabia.

The Dragon Ball comic series debuted in 1984. It follows a boy named Son Goku in his quest to collect magical dragon balls that can give him superpowers. A teaser-trailer for the park can be seen here.

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