South Australia approves cold asphalt mix for state roads

After a trial, South Australia’s Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) has approved a proprietary cold asphalt premix to patch and pave roads in the state.

The DPTI tested Carboncor’s Cold Asphalt on a state road north of Gawler in December last year.

A total of 31 metric tons was installed into an area of 210 square meters at a nominal thickness of 30mm, and a smaller area at 50mm thickness. 

The road was initially constructed in 1937 and was resealed in 1992. Patch work and repair had constantly been required.

After three months, the asphalt held up against all types of traffic.

Carboncor said that even though the original road base was compromised, the new surface showed few signs of rutting, cracking, lateral movement or delamination.

DPTI said the material is suitable for routine road maintenance and permanent pothole repairs as well as a replacement for standard hot asphalt in remote locations.

Carboncor said its asphalt is a water-based and environmentally-friendly product.

Its IP-protected technology "incorporates an enhanced penetration-based carbon bonding system that results in elevated binder strength and mix endurance", the company said.

Carboncor was established in 1999 in South Africa. Since 2004 its asphalt has been used , Carboncor’s Cold Asphalt has been installed in around 20 countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

It set up a factory in Australia in the middle of last year.

Image suplied by Carboncor

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