South Korea to build world’s largest rotating floating solar plant

South Korean solar firm Solkiss has announced plans to build the world’s largest floating, rotating solar park.

The plant would have an output of 2.7MW. This is not large as far as floating solar goes – China have already launched a 40MW facility with 160,000 panels – however its ability to manoeuvre means it is highly efficient.

Solkiss saying that the farm’s engines and its rotating technology deliver 22% more energy than traditional land-based solar farms and 16% more than floating facilities that do not move.

Construction has started on the project, which will be based on the Deoku Reservoir.

Solkiss is planning two other moving and floating plants for Myeoku Reservoir which are capable of making 3MW.

All three solar plants are due to be completed in November this year.

The firm plans to build farms on other Korean reservoirs to support the country’s recent move away from nuclear energy.

Image courtesy of Solkiss

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  1. Seeing as we have a large number of reservoirs surely this would be ideal for this country especially for the sometimes remote areas they are located in helping them mitigate against traditional issues with storm damage to the local supplies.

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