Spinning hotel to send guests round and round in their sleep

Sleepers complain of ‘tossing and turning’ through the night, but the phrase will get a more literal meaning under plans by French architect SCAU to build "water wheel hotels" by the banks of the Seine in Paris, and in the south-western city of Bordeaux.

The hotel design resembles the London Eye, but with 19 cylindrical rooms 3m in diameter instead of pods. It would be powered by the current of the river, and would rotate once every 30 minutes.

A barge moored alongside the wheel would provide amenities such as a bar and a restaurant.

The hotel, designed as a temporary structure, would be made of wood, take four days to assemble and would cost only a few million euros to build.

SCAU is reported to be in discussion with municipal officials in Paris and Bordeaux over getting official blessing for the scheme.

The 3-m-diameter rooms would rotate once every 30 minutes (SCAU)

Maxime Barbier, one of SCAU’s designers, told newspaper The Telegraph: "They’re interested in the project but there are a lot of formalities first, especially in Paris. In Bordeaux they’re very enthusiastic and there’s less red tape."

Parisian officials confirmed that the plan was under consideration but said it would not be allowed to remain at any one site for longer than six months under French regulations for temporary structures.

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  1. Inspirational the ultimate pop up hotel. I wonder if Boris would approve could have been the Tour de France theme hotel ….!!

  2. I can think of a lot more worthy projects to spend a “few million euros” on ! I need it to build more hostels for the homeless !

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