Stefano Boeri designs “hovering” wooden installation in al fresco Italian gallery

Stefano Boeri Architetti has designed a wooden installation called the "Tree Room" for Arte Sella, an open-air art space in Trentino, northern Italy.

The Milanese designer describes Tree Room as "a space where humans and living nature can come together, offering an experience between meditation and contemplation that is fully integrated into the existing environment".

The project will use materials including ribbed corten steel foundations and alpine larch to create floor-level circular discs, and load-bearing baffles.

The installation is designed to be viewed at various levels, and for spectators walking along a nearby pedestrian path, it will seem to hover above the ground.

Three trees that were originally located in a forest swept away by storm Vaia in October 2018 are placed in Tree-Room.

Stefano Boeri, said: "A room inhabited by three trees. You can enter – and feel the difference between them and us: that of their lives and their time, intelligence and perceptions, movement and stability.

"Or, on the other hand, once you sit in front of them, you can grasp the affinities between us and them: biological, organic affinities of vital species that manifest themselves in the absolute individuality of each subject, of each specimen. The room is just an opportunity for confrontation; for us – and perhaps for them too."

Images courtesy of Stefano Boeri

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