Super Nintendo World due to open in Osaka in February

A Nintendo theme park is due to open on 4 February at Universal Studios’ Osaka site. The $425m park, which was originally due to open in 2020, will be the first of three Super Nintendo World projects, the other two being planned for Orlando and Los Angeles.

The park will contain a Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge ride, where visitors can throw shells and take out opponents to win races in a real life version of the video game.

Other attractions include Yoshi’s adventure, a treasure ride where visitors commandeer green dinosaur Yoshi to hunt eggs, and Bowser’s castle, a mysterious attraction featuring spiked fences and heavy iron doors.

Guests will also be able to wear a "power-up band" that offers a virtual way to explore the park, finding collectables as they walk around.

Thomas Geraghty, Mario Kart’s global executive producer, said: "At the heart of the castle lies the world’s first ever Mario Kart theme park ride based on the Mario Kart series of games, which have sold over 150 million units."

Images courtesy of Nintendo

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