Tesla unveils solar-charged batteries for powering homes

Tesla Motors, the US company known for its electric vehicles, has introduced Powerwall, a home battery that charges itself using solar power.

According to Tesla, the Powerwall batteries are simple to install and provide power in case of black-outs.  The cost of the batteries is $3,500 for a 10kWh model, to be used as a back-up, and $3,000 for a 7kWh model that has a daily charge cycle.  

Both are guaranteed for 10 years and are sufficient to power most homes during peak evening hours. Multiple batteries can be linked together to increase the amount of electricity available.

Each battery has a height of 130cm, a width of 86cm and a depth of 18cm (pictured). 

The average home uses more electricity in the morning and evening than during the day when solar energy is plentiful, so Powerwall is designed to store the solar energy generated during the day for use at peak times (pictured). 

Powerwall begins shipping this summer; it requires installation by a trained electrician.

Tesla announced Powerwall in February this year. 

Construction has begun on a prototype version of Tesla’s "Hyperloop" transit system in California.. 

Images via Tesla

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