Three themed ‘cities’ to be built in Saudi Arabia

Three satellite developments – one residential, one industrial and one recreational – are to be built on the outskirts of Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea port of Jeddah.

The developments are similar to other themed projects such as Dubai’s media and sports cities.  The Saudi Press Agency reported that the cities will "balance the architectural landscape and demographics in the kingdom".  

The residential city will be built in the Gulf of Salman to the north of Jeddah and will include 1,250 residential buildings containing 25,000 housing units on a 3 million square metre plot. 

Mohammed Al Bugamy, a spokesperson for the Jeddah Municipality, said: "The infrastructure of the entire project is complete and the first stage of the project’s plan, to construct 46 residential buildings, has been implemented." 

The recreational Al Aslaa Valley Project will measure 130 square metres and be based in east Jeddah. The city will contain sports facilities, parks and nature reserves.  

The industrial development in Asfan, also in east Jeddah, will cover five million square metres, and will hold 2,095 industrial facilities, 385 stores and showrooms, 183 warehouses for materials such as wood and metal and 22 factories. 

The projects will create thousands of jobs for the Saudi population. No timeline has been given for construction.

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