Three Gorges starts 25 energy projects to “push industrial chain” amid coronavirus

Hydropower giant China Three Gorges Corporation said yesterday it had begun work on 25 energy projects across China, with a total value of about $8.2bn.

The lion’s share of the investment will be spent on two vast offshore wind farms.

As China resumes industrial activity amid the coronavirus epidemic, the company said the schemes in 14 provinces would "directly push all links in the industrial chain to resume work", state news agency Xinhua reports.

When complete, the schemes will provide almost 4GW of electricity.

Two giant offshore wind farms are among the projects.

One is an 800MW farm off the coast of Rudong County, Jiangsu province, about 150km south of Beijing.

The other is phases two to five of the Yangjiang scheme off the coast Guangdong Province. Phase one was completed in November, and is now supplying 300MW of power. The remaining phases will now be carried out simultaneously.

Some 414 wind turbines will be installed in the wind farm projects by the end of next year.

Yangjiang, which is being developed by the China General Nuclear Power Corporation, is China’s largest offshore wind scheme. By 2030, there are scheduled to be some 23 windfarms off the coast of Guangdong with a total capacity of 67GW. 

Image: Huitengxile wind farm, Inner Mongolia, People’s Republic of China (Steven Buss/CC BY-SA 2.0) 

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