Tokyo plans a public bomb shelter as world affairs turn ‘rocky’

The missile shelter will be located in one of the busiest wards in Tokyo (Chris 73/CC BY-SA 3.0)
Tokyo plans to build a civilian bomb shelter under a central subway station because of growing global tensions, Japan Times reports.

It will be dug under the Azabu-Juban subway station in central Tokyo’s Minato Ward.

It’s close to the famous Roppongi shopping district, and also to foreign embassies and many office buildings.

“We have prepared other evacuation facilities in the past, but considering how rocky international affairs are right now we think it’s important to prepare for the serious and significant threat of ballistic missiles,” said Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike.

Japan’s Civil Protection Law requires all prefectures to provide residents shelter from attack. Typical locations include the basement area of concrete buildings and underground train stations.

They must be big enough to give every citizen in the prefecture just under a square metre of space each.

As of October, Tokyo had 4,258 locations designated as evacuation areas, but the city government now wants to beef up protection.

It will spend $1.1m researching the project next year. No date has been given for completion.

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