Turkish designer creates pop-up emergency shelter

Turkish design studio Designnobis has created a quick-and-sturdy emergency shelter for use in disaster zones.

The "Tentative" shelter is packed in a 30cm high shell for quick transportation and can be assembled in an hour.

The 4 metre (m) x 2m x 2.5m shelter was created by Hakan Gürsu of Designnobis, as a response to a lack of housing after earthquakes in Turkey.

Gürsu said: "After natural disasters many people become homeless, it is very crucial to provide sturdy temporary shelters that can handle complex structures and these shelters are needed quickly."

The aluminium frame can provide protection while the fibreglass roof collects water and lets in light and air.

Gürsu said: "To fully expand Tentative, all we need to do is to open the covers used as a roof and floor, raise aluminium structural parts and the doors to provide stability and stretch the fabric between the roof and the floor.

"This innovative and instant installation provides rapid accommodation after a disaster strikes."

It can accommodate two adults and two children.

The structure is raised above the ground by small stilts and contains an insulated floor to maintain heat.

Designnobis are currently working on a prototype of the design.

The Tentative shelter has been nominated for the 2015 Design Index.

In April this year the UN ordered 10,000 Ikea flat pack "Better Shelter" units for refugees.

Images via Designnobis

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  1. These devastating earth quakes for example in Italy, Turkey, Iran, New Zealand, Japan , California USA. Nepal and many other countries which leave thousands suddenly homeless and without shelter of any kind and, at very short notice , in dire need of such quickly supplied and assembled basic-needs shelters! Would that
    all quake prone countries made suitable quake-proof storage facilities for such units to be readily available in advance of yet another unpredictable quake!

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