Two Dutch provinces in race to host European Hyperloop test centre

The provinces of Groningen and Zeeland are vying to build the European Hyperloop test centre for Dutch company Hardt Hyperloop.

The winner will host a 3km test track and a research laboratory. The centre will not only be for Hardt but other hyperloop developers too, making it the "European centre of hyperloop technology" according to Hardt.

Jo-Annes de Bat, Zeeland’s provincial executive, said: "The hyperloop fits well with our ambitions in terms of sustainability and innovation. Zeeland has been designated by the central government as a living lab for smart mobility; we are testing various new innovative transport options here.

"Now that we are a step closer to realisation, we look forward to meeting all the parties involved as quickly as possible."

Mirjam Wulfse, Groningen’s provincial executive, said: "There is a lot of movement in Groningen. We are the youngest city in Europe and we are at the forefront of innovative solutions for major transitions such as energy, agriculture and transport.

"The university, companies and the authorities are working closely together on this. A test track for the hyperloop fits in perfectly with this ambition."

A winner between the two provinces will be chosen next month. The centre is due to open in 2022.

Image courtesy of Hardt Hyperloop

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