UK construction will use thousands of drones by 2030

The UK construction and manufacturing sector is set to employ nearly 5,000 drones by 2030, increasing productivity by 3.1%.

That’s according to a new report by PwC called Skies without limits, which examines how drones will aid economic growth.

The report expects there to be 4,816 drones in UK skies by 2030, part of a fleet of more than 76,000 drones across all sectors of the economy.

Construction and manufacturing will make a £3.5bn saving from drones update, PwC claimed, which would result in a 3.1% uplift in productivity.

Meanwhile PwC predicts that drones uptake will result in a £42bn increase in UK gross domestic product (GDP) by 2030, with 628,000 jobs in the drones economy.

Elaine Whyte, of PwC, said: "Drones have the potential to offer a powerful new perspective for businesses across a variety of industries, delivering both productivity benefits and increased value from the data they collect.

"I envisage that the advantages of drone technology will be well established within the decade – not only for business purposes but also for helping to protect our society, for example, through being used by the emergency services.

"There is a need for current UK drone regulation to advance to see the estimations in our report become a reality but it’s positive to see the government already taking proactive steps to address this with the draft drones bill."

Image courtesy of PwC

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