Underwater greenhouses growing strawberries on the Italian coast

Twenty feet underwater, just off the north-western coast of Italy, are five biospheres that are growing plants such as strawberries, lettuce and beans.

Nemo’s Garden has been operated by the family-run Ocean Reef Group for four years now.

Located in Noli, the domes are attached to the sea floor and filled with humid air. Ocean Reef monitors them remotely to keep the temperature at an optimal 25°C.

Nemo’s Garden says that to harvest the crops their farmers "scuba dive to the biospheres with waterproof suitcases and put the crops inside, then we let the suitcase float to the surface where another team member will be waiting for it to take the plants out and re-sink the suitcase".

Sergio Gamberini, president of Ocean Reef Group, told The Washington Post: "I try to do something that’s a little different and to show the beauty of the ocean. I hope to do something for the young people and to inspire new dreams.

"We want to test first because we want a project that’s professional. We want to do this in the right way."

Sergio’s son Luca Gamberini said: "In the future, it’ll definitely be something that’s economically sustainable. I see possibilities for developing in countries where harsh conditions make it difficult for plants to grow."

Ocean wildlife is influenced by the biospheres, as octopuses and seahorses use the structures for shelter and to breed.

Nemo’s Garden is due to announce a Kickstarter campaign soon.

Watch a video of a diver inside a biosphere here.

Images via Nemo’s Garden

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