Underwater sculpture offers art for tourists and homes for coral

Jason deCaires Taylor, the artist who specialises in underwater statues, has just completed his latest project off the coast of the Gili Islands to the east of Bali in Indonesia.

 The Nest installation is formed of 48 life-size human figures. The sculpture, which was commissioned by luxury resort developer Bask, is located four metres underwater, and is intended to make snorkelling more interesting for holiday makers.

The sculpture is intended to fuse art and nature as it is colonised by marine life

Taylor says the circular formation is "an echo of the circle of life".

"The interlocking figures situated upon the edge of the reef offer a platform for soft corals, sponges and other filter feeding organisms to colonise and inhabit, while reminding us of our connection to the marine environment. Over time, as marine life takes hold, further layers of marine biomass will be added naturally creating a complex symbiotic artwork and an invaluable space for life to thrive."

Nest offers a more poignant take on the human condition – as opposed to the more confrontational Gyre, from Lanzarote

Taylor has recently completed an ambitious series of underwater installations off the coast of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. This is the first time he has worked in the western Pacific.

Top image: Taylor’s grand theme of the interdependence of individuals, society and nature is evoked by Nest

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  1. This artwork does not impress me. It looks more like a symbol of death at a young age than life. Beautiful mermaids and sea creatures would, in my opinion, have been more appropriate.

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