UNStudio aims to make South Korean island top choice for coast-loving tourists

Dutch architect UNStudio has designed a 470,000 sq m masterplan for Gyeongdo Island, a planned nature resort in South Korea with ambitions to become Asia’s number one marine and coastal tourism destination.

The architect based its design on a traditional Korean garden, which it said aims to link the natural and the built environment, thereby linking human activities to natural processes.

UNStudio said all parts of the masterplan offered continuous motion and flow, and pedestrian routes are defined by views to encourage walking across the island.

Trees, flowers and vegetation are distinct in each of the three neighbourhoods, and act as natural wayfinding tools.

The three neighbourhoods are:

  • Gyeongdo Gateway, which acts as the island’s entrance and contains Gyeongdo port, a cable-car station, a marina, bridge, entertainment centre and waterside boardwalk
  • Sunrise Waterfront, located around the east bay of the island. This contains a four-star hotel, condominiums, holiday apartments, private villas and a waterpark with an artificial beach.
  • Sea Breeze Coast, based on the island’s southern point. This has most of the residential spaces, including a five-star hotel and cliff villas.

The island is located at the southern part of the Korean peninsula, 2km from a tourist hub in the Namhae region.

Images courtesy of UNStudio/Plomp

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