UNStudio designs 1.5km cable car system for Amsterdam

Dutch architect UNStudio has designed a 1.5km-long cable car for Amsterdam called the IJbaan to link two growing residential areas: Amsterdam-West and Amsterdam-Noord/NDSM. It is described by UNStudio as a "fast, green and future-proof public transport connection".

Two stations will be built on either side of the NDSM Marina, with the possibility of further stations being added in the future.

To allow for large ships to pass along the waterway, supports will vary in height, measuring 46m to 105m on either side of the water, and up to 136m in the middle.

A journey will take four-and-a-half minutes, with cabins available to accommodate 32 to 37 passengers. Separate bicycle cabins will be able to hold four to six bikes.

Ben van Berkel, the founder of UNStudio , said: "A cable car is an extremely sustainable public transport system.

"It is a very fast and green way of traveling, which is attractive for cyclists, commuters, students, residents and visitors.

"Such an airbridge is not only efficient but also fun. People are going to see and experience their city in a whole new way."

The project is due to be completed by the 750th anniversary of Amsterdam in 2025.

Images courtesy of UNStudio/Plompmozes

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