UNStudio’s Beijing children’s hospital “reimagines the healthcare experience”

Images courtesy of UNStudio
Dutch architect UNStudio has completed the façade and interior for the FlySolo Rehabilitation Medical Centre in Beijing, a paediatric hospital that aims to reimagine the healthcare experience for children and parents.

The 550 sq m clinic will provide children up to the age of 13 with treatment for speech, language, cognitive, motor, sensory, social and emotional developmental disorders.

It contains flexible physical, occupational and speech therapy rooms, as well as shared doctors’ and consultation offices. Functional therapy rooms such as the Activities of Daily Living Therapy Suite and Virtual Care Centre are structured to accelerate the recovery for each patient.

UNStudio worked with doctors, therapists and the family advisory committee to achieve flexible layouts complete with movable walls that will maximise the use of the overall space to accommodate groups and individuals.  The interior design integrates colours and sweeping gestures inspired by nature and children’s book illustrations, and the waiting areas contain mini slides, interactive seating and small nooks to allow children to play and families to wait.

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