US security company unveils Segway-enabled robot guard

Californian firm Turing Video, which specialised in automated security systems, has unveiled a self-driving Segway fitted with artificial intelligence and an audio-visual system that can do the job of a patrolling guard.

The Nimbo was unveiled at the CES electronic trade fair in Las Vegas this week. It combines Segway Robotics’ mobility platform, Intel’s RealSense sensors and its own security algorithms to create a device that can patrol areas city streets, and areas such as factories, car parks and warehouses, collecting sound and video as it goes. It also streams images back to a control room, and can relay audio from a human overseer.

The AI allows it to analyse human behaviour and respond by shining a light or playing a warning phrase. It can also optimise its routes and make its own way to a charging station. What it cannot do is climb stairs or call a lift or deal with any terrain more challenging that a speed bump.

According to Turin Video, it can be customised to meet specific needs, such as communicating with drones, integrating with security management systems and adding extra sensors or readers.

Image: The robotic security Segway in action (Turing Video)

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