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  1. There, but for the grace of god, go hundreds of operatives and hundreds of site managers.

    How many more people have to be seriously injured or killed passing construction sites before the message sinks in? It is less than four months since poor Michaela Boor died after being struck by falling bricks when passing a construction site in London. The press coverage of the incident could not have been greater and yet here it is happening again to another innocent victim. How is that not criminal negligence worthy of swift action by the police?

    There really is no excuse for the passing public to be injured by activities on construction sites. We all know working at height and adjacent to public spaces has to be precisely planned; not just for the passing public but also the workforce on the site. It cannot be a game of chance and left to the sub-contractor to determine procedures and controls with little or no input from the site manager.

    For the few significant accidents that make the national press, there will be countless others where the site manager et al have “got away with it”. The statistics that are never shown are the number of near miss incidents where objects have fallen from buildings under construction with no consequences.

    I do not know who the individuals are the police charged, but obvious candidates would be the person working on the scaffold and the person responsible for site safety. There may well be others in due course; however, if there is to be a reduction in incidents, it just may have to be swift visible prosecutions by the police to make the industry take note and be more responsible and meticulous when planning their activities on site.

    Sorry, but my sympathies are with the little girl and her family.

  2. Very much to the point. Is it another case of the untrained unsupervised let loose. The responsibility is always from the top down.

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