Vinci creates first “fully recycled road”

Two subsidiaries of Vinci Construction have completed what they describe as the world’s first "fully recycled road".

A mobile asphalt plant was used to recycle up to 100% of asphalt aggregates on road maintenance sites, compared with average recycling rates of between 50% and 60%.

Vinci say the bulk of the supply can be sourced from "milling materials produced by the site", thereby lowering construction’s carbon footprint and use of natural resources.

Eurovia and Vinci Autoroutes built the road as part of a motorway renovation project on a 1km section of the A10 motorway between Pons and Saint-Aubin in southwest France.

The Vinci duo worked in collaboration with Marini-Ermont, a subsidiary of French engineer Fayat Group.

Eurovia say work on the pilot project took over two years of research and development.

The project won the "Route du Futur" award launched by the French environment and energy agency ADEME.

Images courtesy of Vinci

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  1. What is the benefit to the client who is paying first class currency for a product with a large second hand content.

    Also how does the client stand in respect of possible future failures, where they have condoned the use of
    these second hand materials.

  2. I am curious to learn a bit more about the methodology used here. Is the material removed, reheated (with a rejuvenator?) and then placed? Or is this like Full Depth Reclamation, which reuses the existing material in-place?

    Also, couldn’t they have used a section without visible roller marks for the logo?

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