Wake up, sleeping giant: New life for Greece’s dormant second-tallest tower

Greece’s second-tallest tower, an 84m-high structure in the port of Piraeus, will be renovated after lying mostly dormant since it was built in 1975.

Only the bottom three floors of the 22-storey building have ever been occupied.

This year, Greek developers Dimand SA and Prodea Investments agreed with the Municipality of Piraeus to re-open the building as a mixed-use scheme with offices, retail and restaurants to serve the bustling transport hub.

They picked Athens and New York based architect Pila to make the building a landmark with a new façade, which Pila said would "awaken the sleeping giant".

Pila’s design includes a shading structure consisting of vertical and horizontal overhangs, with vertical fins appearing at different angles across the tower, aiming to create the appearance of a piece of fabric.

The surface will appear differently when viewed from different locations.

Fins rotate as they rise toward the top of the structure, amplifying the panoramic views from the tower.  

The facade will reduce solar gain on the facade by 50%, which will cut the building’s overall energy demand by 20%.

The 103m high Tower of Athens is Greece’s tallest building.

Images courtesy of Pila

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  1. What a boring blot on the landscape It is like a 70,s precast tower block in the uk

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