Webuild lifts deck of Europe’s second longest suspension bridge

Big steel sections of the deck were made in a factory 7km down the Danube, crane-loaded onto barges and shipped to site to be lifted into their final position (Courtesy of Webuild)
In a complex, water-based operation, a Webuild-led construction joint venture has hoisted most of the steel deck of continental Europe’s second longest suspension bridge, which will cross the Danube at Braila in Romania.

The 1,975m-long Braila Bridge, located 8km from the busy port city of the same name, will allow 7,000 vehicles to cross the Danube a day in just two minutes rather than the usual 45-minute ferry trip.

The Webuild JV has completed the operation to lift 62 of the 86 prefabricated segments that comprise the 1,120m-long deck, meaning the bridge is now 67% complete, Webuild said.

Each segment weighs some 260 tonnes, measuring 25m wide, 32m long and 3.2m deep. They were manufactured in a factory 7km away along the river, crane-loaded onto barges and shipped to the bridge to be lifted into their final position on permanent hangers.

Commissioned by state company CNAIR on behalf of Romania’s Ministry of Infrastructure, the bridge will have four lanes, an emergency lane, and cycling and pedestrian paths.

It also has two lateral spans 490m and 365m long, respectively, and an access viaduct 90m long on each side.

A network of roads for a combined 23km is also being developed. Approximately 1,350 workers and 100 direct suppliers are involved in the project.

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