White Arkitekter designs beach park for Bergen

Swedish firm White Arkitekter has designed "True Blue", a beach park and sea bathing centre in Bergen, Norway.

The 1km beach park is divided into three zones, and offers a city beach, a floating sea bath, spaces for events and sports activities, as well as floating islands, bridges and bathing jetties.

The project includes creating an art association, a high school, an aquarium and offices for an environmental organisation.

White Arkitekter has also included a system for the natural purification of the water supply and measures to increase life and biodiversity in the underwater environment.

Niels de Bruin, White Arkitekter’s lead architect, said: "Water is Bergen’s elixir of life; from the estuaries, fjords and ocean as well as from the sky. It therefore characterises our entire proposal.

"We are pleased to have been able to interlace a concept of design excellence, sustainability and local engagement."

Images courtesy of White Arkitekter

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