Who are the best paid tradespeople in the world?

Do electricians earn more in Germany, Japan or the USA?

The answer might surprise you.

UK firm Electrical Direct decided to find out the average salaries of various types of tradespeople around the world, focussing on five developed countries.

The survey revealed that Japan had the highest salaries for electricians out of all five countries, while the USA had the highest salaries for plumbers and Australia the highest salaries for carpenters.

Each country has very different requirements for each role, however, which is likely to explain why salaries differ so much from one to the next.

There are wide variations among regions within countries, as well: if you’re an electrician wanting to earn a bundle fast, check out Alaska where salaries exceed $72,000, according to the findings, presented here…

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  1. Is the British Spark only working part time? 22k? On yer bike mate!! Double it and if there is a half day chop Friday I might think about it……some people I tell yah!!

  2. Aside from the obvious mistake in the Australian average earnings of electricians (as they are greater than any of the highest paid areas??) it would be useful to see the average price of living comparison also. While Japan seems to have highly paid electricians, it is also a very expensive country to live. I don’t think I will be applying for a visa in the short term.

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