WilkinsonEyre’s star-flecked Toronto bridge inspired by summer solstice

Images courtesy of WilkinsonEyre
UK architect WilkinsonEyre has won a competition to design the Keating Channel Pedestrian Bridge in Toronto.

The anti-funicular steel arch will connect the central waterfront and Quayside neighbourhood with new housing and green space on Villiers Island.

WilkinsonEyre has named the structure the “Equinox Bridge”, as its S-shape aligns with the summer solstice sunset and winter solstice sunrise. Both of these events can be viewed from the timber seating areas at the entrances of the bridge.

The shape also frames the equinox sunrise with its arch.

The bridge’s metal screens are inscribed with constellations, casting shadows on the bridge deck by day and backlit at night to give the appearance of glowing constellations.

The bridge also offers meeting place for rest and gives pedestrians the chance to connect with nature through bridge abutments that descend to the water.

Dominic Bettison, WilkinsonEyre’s director, said: “We have developed a beautiful signature bridge design which will provide Toronto with a striking new destination on the waterfront.

“As a new gateway, the Equinox Bridge will promote interaction and enjoyment of panoramic views to the city, the island and the wider lake.”

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