Will leaning tower give South Korea a bigger “Pisa” the tourist pie?

13 May 2014

Faulty groundworks or subsidence is being blamed for the sudden tilt of seven-storey South Korean building while it was under construction.

The building, which was to have combined office and residential space, was nearing completion in the city of Asan when it abruptly tilted 20 degrees to the south.

The "officetel" was begun in August last year, and was almost complete when the tilt occurred (Youtube)

Nobody was in the structure at the time, and firemen placed a cordon around it to prevent anyone entering. No one has been injured.

Gas and power in the area have been cut off to ensure resident’s safety.

Images of the "leaning apartment block of Asan" have now ‘gone viral’, leading some to wonder whether the mishap might be turned into a global tourist attraction.

Construction was due to be finished by the end of the month.

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