Work begins on Henning Larsen’s all-wood “World of Volvo” exhibition in Sweden

Images courtesy of Henning Larsen
Construction has begun on the all-timber World of Volvo development, a 22,000 sq m “experience centre” located in Gothenburg and designed by Danish architect Henning Larsen.

World of Volvo is designed around the Swedish concept of “Allemansrätten” – the right for Swedish citizens to roam freely on any public or private land.

The circular exhibit is based on three “trees”, which each contain small exhibition spaces. The space between them is empty, except for stairs that link the levels and exhibit items that dot the floor. Floor-to-ceiling glass façade are intended to make the interior and exterior visually accessible.

The development’s beams and columns are made from glulam timber, which is formed from multiple layers of wood bonded by a durable, moisture-resistant adhesive. Computer-controlled fabrication allows curved pieces to be cut precisely, and metal connectors inside the foundations will ensure rigidity.

Søren Øllgaard, Henning Larsen’s design director, said: “This project is incredibly special to us. With its deep connection to Scandinavia, from its landscapes to its architectural tradition, World of Volvo has given us to the opportunity to explore the profound relationship between architecture and the natural environment.”

Magnus Wrahme, World of Volvo’s chief executive, said: “We commit to create a landmark, a new icon and destination in the city centre of Gothenburg. We also commit to gathering people in an inspiring meeting place reflecting Volvo’s human centric approach and perspectives.

“Our aim with World of Volvo is to deliver a premium experience in a place where we combine entertainment; exhibitions, talks, conferences and music, as well as food, drinks and shopping.”

Work on the World of Volvo is due to be completed in 2023 and will open to the public in 2024.

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