World’s largest bookshop opens in Tehran

A 65,000 square metre bookshop has opened in Tehran, the capital of Iran.

Built by Kayson, an Iranian construction firm, the Tehran Book Garden is described as an "enduring complex which will serve the educational and cultural needs of future generations".

The development will not just act as a bookshop but also a "meeting ground for publishers, writers, artists and all those who endeavour to preserve, develop, promote, and disseminate the great culture of the Iranian people".

The project will include an auditorium, restaurant, temporary exhibitions, office space, mechanical room, warehouse, mosque and roof garden.

Construction work on the project was finished last year and since then organisers have been collecting books for the project.

It is unclear how many books are in the project, but it is estimated to be in the millions with 400,000 titles for children.

Until now the world’s largest bookshop was a Barnes & Noble in New York which was just over 47,000 sq m.

Images courtesy of Kayson

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