World’s steepest funicular railway opens in Switzerland

The Schwyz-Stoos funicular line, the world’s steepest funicular railway, has opened in north eastern Switzerland.

The €44.6m ($52.7m) train travels at a 110% incline at 1,300m above sea level between the town of Schwyz and village of Stoos.

The 743m long line contains four cylindrical carriages which rotate to allow its 34 passengers to remain upright throughout the trip.

The new line replaces an older system that had been in use since 1933.

Construction began in 2013 when officials decided to build a new railway and not convert the current one.

Ivan Steiner, a spokesman for the railway, is quoted by The Guardian, saying: "After 14 years of planning and building, everyone is very proud of this train."

The previous holder of the world’s steepest funicular line was the Gelmerbahn funicular in Bern, the Swiss capital, with a gradient of 106%.

Stoos is a Swiss village in the municipality of Morschach, with a population of 100.

Image courtesy of Stoos Muotatal Tourism

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