World’s tallest Lego tower built in Tel Aviv

The world’s tallest Lego tower has been built in Tel Aviv, Israel. The structure is made from about 500,000 bricks and stretches 36m, a metre higher than the current record holder, which was built in Milan in 2015.

The tower has yet to be recognised by Guinness World Records as the title holder, but drone pictures have been submitted to an adjudicator to verify the its height.

The "Omer Tower" is named after Omer Sayag, an eight year old who lost a battle with cancer in 2014 and who built with Lego during his illness. The brick to build it were donated by the public, the government and local businesses.

The structure was built using a crane to fasten the upper layers of the tower and is held in place by wires. The project was not sponsored by Lego, as other attempts have been.

Ron Huldai, Tel Aviv Mayor, said the project was a "community effort of all of the people of Tel Aviv, 26 community centres, Jews and Arabs, rich and poor, orthodox and secular".

The longest Lego structure is a 1,578m millipede, which was created in Turin in 2005.

Image courtesy of Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images

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