Zaha Hadid Architects to transform Huanggang Port into science and technology corridor

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) has won a contract to redesign the port of Huanggang in China’s eastern Hubei Province into a science and technology corridor.

The 1.7 sq km project was previously home to car parks and cargo areas and will be converted into a national centre for technology innovation.

The project will specialise on microelectronics, material development, artificial intelligence, robotics, and medical sciences.

Huanggang Port Area will be split between three interconnected districts: the port hub, a collaborative innovation area and port living zone.

Image courtesy of ZHA/Atchain

The existing port management area and public transport interchange will be redeveloped as the port hub district with administrative offices and hotels for visiting scientists and researchers.  

The former cargo area will become the collaborative innovation area, containing scientific research centres, laboratories and a conference centre.

The port living district will house residential developments, schools, recreational facilities, shops and restaurants.

A central spine will connect the three districts, and to two public spaces, a civic plaza which will be based at Fulin metro station in the development’s north east and a public square located in the centre of the administrative hub at the Huanggang interchange in the south west.

Image courtesy of ZHA/LMNB

A green belt of park and wetlands will link the project to the Shenzhen River.

The development be a focal point of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Corridor, a 180km route covering 11,000 sq km which aims to become China’s Silicone Valley.

ZHA has designed another project for the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Corridor, the Shenzhen Science & Technology Museum.

Top image courtesy of ZHA/Atchain

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  1. Wretched montonous horror ! Split big job between 10 different firms with masterplan and one building only from ZHA. This is an Orwellian bad dream. The continuous, sinuous lighting will induce epileptic seizures.

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