A crane being lowered into position in Sochi (YouTube)

Videos reveal terrifying mishaps on Russian construction sites

29 September 2017 | By GCR staff 1 Comment

Two videos of terrifying accidents on construction sites in the Russian resort area of Sochi have surfaced.

Sochi is one of Russia’s most active construction areas. The choice of the town for the 2014 Winter Olympics was intended to begin a massive programme of infrastructure works. It is now one of the venues for next year’s World Cup finals.

In one, a construction worker jumps from his crane moments before it tumbles into a pit at a building site in the city of Sochi in the northern Caucasus. In the video, the crane lowers a bulldozer into the pit, but is unable to take the weight and topples over.

In the second, taken in July, it is a mobile crane that is being lowered from a larger crane. In this case, the cables from which it is suspended part, causing the vehicle to crash to the ground.

Image: A crane being lowered into position in Sochi (YouTube)