1,500 Chinese workers finish complex rail project in single night

A small army of workers in Fujian province, southeastern China, have pulled off an extraordinary nine-hour construction project to connect a new railway line to three existing tracks. 

Some 1,500 workers, organised by the China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group, accomplished the task during the hours of darkness on Friday. The labourers were divided into seven groups, each assisted by a train, each working in parallel on different tasks.  

The scale of the task (Pear Video)

The new line is a 250km, 200km/h link between Longyan and Nanping, which will cut the time taken to travel between the two cities from seven hours to 90 minutes. And it will now connect with the Ganlong Railway, the Ganruilong Railway and the Zhanglong Railway. 

A video that shows the scale of the work can be seen here.   

Image: The mechanical grabber that moves the rails (Screengrab from Pear Video)

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  1. It is China, they have access to the resources that many other countries don’t have. When China has the annual Ice Fair with buildings, rides and attractions, it is done over night. The measure of the work would be how long the service continues without breakdowns.

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