230 more Carillion jobs lost

The Official Receiver managing the liquidation of Carillion said today that 456 former employees had been placed in secure jobs, but that 230 others have been declared redundant.

In total, to date 8,066 jobs have been saved and 1,371 jobs have been made redundant through the liquidation.

The receiver said: "Work is continuing to find new suppliers to take on Carillion’s public and private sector contracts with ongoing employment now secured for a further 456 employees.

"Over 8,000 of Carillion’s workforce have now been placed into secure jobs. I am continuing to facilitate the transfer of employees on exisiting or similar terms wherever possible."

"Unfortuantely as the liquidation proceeds some roles supporting contracts that have transferred are no longer required. As a result 230 employees have been declared redundant and will leave the business later this week.

"Those who have lost their jobs will be able to find support through Jobcentre Plus’ RapidResponse Service and are also entitled to make a claim for statutory redundancy payments.

"Discussions with potential purchasers continue and I expect that the number of jobs safeguarded through the liquidation will continue to rise. I am continuing to engage with staff, elected employee representatives and unions to keep them informed as these arrangements are confirmed."

Image courtesy of Carillion

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