3,600-tonne bridge rolled into place without hitch

Australian engineers and planners were congratulating themselves last week after a major feat of highway bridge installation went off without a hitch.

Led by contractors Laing O’Rourke of the UK and Fulton Hogan of New Zealand, the team rolled a prefabricated, 195-m section of bridge, weighing approximately 3,600 tonnes, into position for securing onto pylons in a 24-hour period last weekend.

The Ayliffes Road Bridge in Darlington, east of Perth, Western Australia, was moved into place using coordinated self-propelled modular transporters.

See a video of the operation here.

It was one of the trickier parts of the comprehensive, A$620m Darlington Upgrade project to overhaul traffic flow in the area. In all, the upgrade carried out by the two contractors will see eight new bridges built.

The installation last weekend was the second and final section of Ayliffes Road Bridge to go up: the first, 180-m section was installed in November last year.

Photograph: The bridge section being rolled into position last weekend in Darlington, east of Perth, Western Australia (From DPTI video)

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  1. The bridge is located in Darlington South Australia not east of Perth Western Australia.

  2. This was an impressive feat, except it actually happened in South Australia, Adelaide, not in Perth

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