Abu Dhabi launches digital twin of entire emirate

The real-life version of Abu Dhabi (Adilamin786/CC BY-SA 4.0)
Abu Dhabi’s Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) has launched a “digital twin” project aimed at improving service delivery and the functioning of the property market in the emirate.

The announcement was made during GITEX Technology Week, a five-day trade show held in the Dubai World Trade Centre, which ended today.

The twin will use aerial photography, LiDAR scanning and game engines to construct a digital copy of Abu Dhabi’s buildings and infrastructure, and will also include interior structure to “enable internal navigation of the buildings to support the speed of response in emergencies and support planning and decision-making processes”, in the words of emirate’s official news agency.

Salem Al Kaabi, director-general of operational affairs at the DMT, said: “By creating a complete visualisation of the emirate using 3D modelling, the Abu Dhabi Digital Twin project assists in data analysis, facilitates decision-making, monitors the appearance of the cities in the emirate, and uses virtual reality to highlight the most notable locations for the public.”

Among the groups expected to make use of the twin are planners, engineers and specialists from the public and private sectors. They will be able to model the effects of urban planning scenarios when considering changes to the built environment.

It will also help the property professionals by making data available such as lease contracts, sale and purchase indicators, community facilities, building permits, commercial licences, together with information about services and inspections.

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