Arcadis publishes blueprint to help businesses make the move to electric vehicles

Dutch engineer Arcadis has partnered with transport technology firms LEVL Telematics and Geotab to create a blueprint for businesses looking to transition to electric vehicles (EVs).

Fleet Electrification: An Arcadis Solution, analyses data such as distance covered, vehicle mileages, engine diagnostics and driver behaviour using Arcadis’ EV suitability assessment tool alongside Geotab’s fleet management system.

The blueprint includes information on changing to an EV fleet, procurement, programme and project management, and the supply and installation of charging infrastructure.

Arcadis is currently swapping its 30 vehicles for electric or hybrid alternatives. The EVs are equipped with telemetry systems to monitor how they are used, including how many trips they take, how long they are used for and where they are going. This will be analysed to assess the most suitable charging methods.

Simon Swan, Arcadis’ director of future mobility, said: "It is estimated that by 2025, 20% of all cars sold will be electric. This will have a huge impact on reducing air pollution and also generate significant cost savings.  

"The benefit of our fleet electrification solution is that it offers a uniquely focused way of bringing new technology to the decision-making and implementation process, whether for a small fleet across five sites or a large fleet over 1,000 sites. It means that fleet and estate managers can explore different scenarios and see what the impact will be without having to commit to making any expensive financial decisions."

Fleet Electrification is available for all LEVL customers in the UK.

Image courtesy of Arcadis

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