Architect HDR to design $870m rail scheme for Long Beach container port

Nebraska architecture and engineering firm HDR has been is to work on a $870m rail project at the Californian port of Long Beach, which has the second-busiest container terminal in the US.

The development will allow the loading of shipping containers onto rail cars rather than trucks, reducing traffic bottlenecks and eliminating thousands of truck trips.

HDR will act as lead designer for the project, as well as undertaking site investigations, traffic studies, programme sequencing and structural and lighting analyses. Other companies involved include consulting engineer Moffatt & Nichol.  

Mario Cordero, the port’s executive director, said: "This is visionary. The delivery of containers to and from ships by train is the most sustainable and efficient way to move cargo in and out of the port. Each train eliminates as many as 750 truck trips, speeding the flow of goods and cutting traffic on roadways."

Tom Kim, HDR’s senior vice president, said: "This is a game-changer. We have been working with the port a long time on preparation for this critical project, and we’re excited to see it all come together."

Image: The port of Long Beach (Msun523/Public Domain)

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