Atkins on team to design Hong Kong’s landmark Xiqu Centre

Atkins has been chosen to develop the below ground elements as part of the consultancy team that has been selected to design a world class Chinese opera facility for the preservation and development of this traditional art form in Hong Kong.

The Xiqu Centre has been commissioned by the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA) as the gateway building of the island’s planned new Cultural District which will eventually boast 15 performing arts venues.

The Xiqu Centre is sited within a cramped urban area and will sit directly above the MTR West Rail metro tunnels.

The Xiqu Centre sits within a cramped urban area and directly above metro tunnels (Credit: Atkins)

Atkins’ engineers are facing multiple challenges to ensure the works do not affect the stability of the station and the tunnels, working closely as sub-consultants to structural engineers BuroHappold  who will carry out the remainder of the engineering, and with the architectural design team Bing Thom Architects and Ronald Lu & Partners.

CK Chan, Atkins’ director for structure in Asia Pacific, said: "There are several hurdles including making sure the Centre’s foundations are clear of the metro and the structure spreads its load in a way that does not add additional load to the MTR tunnel. The construction phase is also critical due to the vibration risk and the changes in surcharge loadings on the MTR structures as soil is removed and then the basement constructed above."

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