Autonomous crane firm receives $1.3m in funding

Intsite, the firm behind the world’s first autonomous crane, has received $1.3m in funding from Israeli company Terra Venture Partners, the Israel Innovation Authority and other investors.

Intsite uses image processing to analyse camera data in real time to track workers and objects close to the crane, helping avoid collisions and accidents by measuring their proximity.

The firm says automation increases the crane’s efficiency, and can help projects finish up to 30% quicker.

According to Intsite, "30% of cranes in use are considered obsolescent, and potentially dangerous to workers on site, passers-by and operators, as operations are often conducted in uncontrollable environments".

Astorre Modena, Terra Venture Partners’ managing partner, said: "We believe the construction industry has vast potential for improving productivity and efficiency through digitalisation, innovative technologies and new construction techniques."

Intsite is developing the technology at Terra Venture Partners’ TerraLab.

The technology is currently being tested on site in Israel and will be piloted in UK and France in 2019.

Image courtesy of Intsite

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  1. they must be crazy especially with the history of crane disasters??

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