Balfour Beatty completes work on $300m Californian water facility extension

An aerial shot of the facility (Regional Sanitation)
Balfour Beatty has finished a $300m extension of the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, which treats water prior to its discharge in the Sacramento River, where it will be reused for agriculture.

EchoWater, as the plant is called, is the US’ second largest of its kind and one of the largest public works projects in Sacramento’s history.

The scope of work included the construction of a dozen large concrete structures including granular media filters, four disinfection basins, pumping stations, electrical buildings and support facilities.

Christoph Dobson, Regional Sanitation’s general manager, said: “Our upgraded treatment process now removes 99% of ammonia and 89% of nitrogen from the wastewater.

“The result is cleaner water for discharge to the Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta and a drought-resistant, recycled water source.”

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