Bechtel to deliver 1GW gas power station in New York State

US engineer Bechtel has been selected to design and build a combined-cycle, electric generating facility near the town of Dover in New York State.

The contract was awarded by Cricket Valley Energy, an affiliate of the privately owned Swiss company, Advanced Power.

Bechtel partnered with Cricket Valley to complete project development.

Bechtel will be responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction of the generating facility, which will use three General Electric natural gas turbines, each with a heat recovery steam generator and steam turbine generator.

Cricket Valley Energy Center’s natural gas-fired facility is designed to be among the cleanest energy producers in the state and will generate electricity for nearly one million homes.  

The facility is expected to create about 800 craft jobs and, once complete, up to 30 full-time engineering, operations, management and administrative positions.

Robert De Meyere, project manager for Cricket Valley Energy, said: "We are confident that the expertise and experience Bechtel brings to our project will help achieve our goal to make Cricket Valley Energy a trusted resource in the region’s energy supply, revitalize a dormant industrial site, and create jobs and tax revenue for the Town of Dover and the region."

Construction is expected to start in mid 2016.

Bechtel have recently been rumored to be in talks over joining a consortium fighting to build a major new rail line between Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia.

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