Belgian wind farms set to grow bigger, better mussels

A research project looking at what happens when mussels are grown on the foundations of a wind farm has found that they are up to 39% larger than similar mussels grown in other areas, and reach maturity up to eight months earlier.

Furthermore, a taste test carried out by supermarket company the Colruyt Group found that they were "particularly flavoursome".

The North Sea Aquaculture experiment is being undertaken by two research institutes and multiple businesses at a site in the Belgian section of the North Sea

The next stage will be a larger integrated "sea farm", after which Colruyt will sell the produce in its stores.

Philippe De Backer, Belgium’s secretary of state for the North Sea, said: "Our national dish is mussels with fries. I’m very pleased to see that within some time, we will be able to serve true Belgian mussels.

"I believe that our North Sea has the ability to become a true sea farm on the long term, which will be a breeding base for not only mussels but also oysters and seaweeds. We need to be a trendsetter in Europe."

Image courtesy Dreamstime/Rhbabiak13

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