California announces $1.5bn for flood defence improvements

Californian authorities and the US Army Corps of Engineers have announced draft plans for a $1.46bn flood defence development programme. 

The plans concern future improvements for Sacramento’s flood infrastructure including deeper seepage walls inside levees, an increase of erosion protection and the doubling of the width of the Sacramento Bypass.  

The Sacramento River and Arcade Creek levees will also be strengthened and raised. 

Mike Farrell, Sacramento District Commander, said: "We’ve made tremendous progress together in recent years upgrading Sacramento’s levee system and Folsom Dam. 

"The proposed work continues long-planned improvements to modernise and strengthen the entire system, but it is just that – proposed. Now we need the community’s feedback." 

Rick Johnson, Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency executive director, said: "Much has been accomplished in the past 25 years to improve the Sacramento area’s flood control system; but much remains to be done to further reduce our flood risk. The flood control improvements proposed in these two documents reflect years of planning." 

Image: Aerial view of a broken levee and the resultant flooding on the Sacramento River in the Sacramento River delta in 1997 (Wikimedia Commons)

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