Chinese notice something weirdly familiar about giant rooster statue

A statue in northern China that was built to commemorate the Year of the Rooster has attracted comment owing to its uncanny resemblance to US president-elect Donald Trump.

Located in the ArtWalk Mall in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi province, the 7m-tall glass fibre cockerel has Trump’s trademark pompadour and is making hand gestures that resemble those of the future president.

Casey Latiolais, the artist who designed the project, seemed taken aback by the interest, tweeting: "This was way more huge than I expected."

Global Times, the Chinese state-run newspaper, said visitors described the statue as a "perfect blend of Chinese and Western cultures".

The connection between the real estate magnate and birds with eye-catching displays has been noted by Chinese popular culture. In November last year, The People’s Daily tweeted a picture of a pheasant who appears to share the same haircut as Trump.

Trump-related avian merchandise is available from Chinese online shopping website Taobao.These include a 10m-tall replica of the cockerel costing $1,739.

Image via Getty Images/VCG

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